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"A perceptual based school

for children with learning differences"

Our students thrive with our non-traditional teaching techniques, small class size, and individual instruction. They learn abstraction, cognition, and problem solving. We also take your child on educational field trips.


Whether your child has ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, or other learning challenges, our professionals will adapt according to their needs so the child can maximize his / her academic potential. H.I.S. Academy Institute offers in-depth diagnostics to determine the learning difficulty.

Superior Non-Traditional Teaching Techniques

Why choose us?

  • Summer maintenance program (Additional program)

  • Supplemental academic instruction program (Additional program)

  • Non-graded school / no letter grades

  • Training in hemispheric balance and instruction

  • We offer career days to our students



Additional Programs for Academic Advancement

We guarantee specialized education. Call:

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