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for children with learning differences"

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H.I.S. Academy Institute of Lake Park accepts children before admission, your child will attend an intial interview to see whether he / she is eligible to attend the school. You can review the school policies during the intial interview.


We recommend that you carry your child's record from a psychologist, psychiatrist or therapist. There will also be a review of all school and medical records and any other related documentation such as,  I.E.P.s or 504 Plans from a local school district. We work extended hours. Visit us today.

Check out Our Admission Requirements

Quality school with a high graduation rate

  • Academic pre-orientation program

  • Diagnostic testing

  • School and medical records review

  • Parent-teacher meeting

  • Pre-admission tutorial program

  • School policies and programs review


We guarantee specialized education. Call

Special School for Students With Learning Disabilities

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