Serving Lake Park, FL

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"A perceptual based school

for children with learning differences"

We offer a tutorial program the purpose is to aquaint the children to the school prior to enrolling. Our student strength for each class is small and we specialize in non-traditional learning that focuses on your child's individual needs.


H.I.S. Academy Institute of Lake Park will do an in-depth diagnostic and prescriptive process to determine your child's learning difficulty. We will also hold a meeting to discuss test results in order to establish your child's needs.  

Pre-Admission Tutorial Program for Your Child

Trust in our 27 years of experience

You can trust our professionals to help your child enhance his / her educational potential and capabilities to perform in math, language, auditory, spatial, writing, reading, attention deficit, cognition, lack of social skills, and other perceptual processing problems. We're a community-trusted school with a high graduation rate. Visit us from Monday to Thursday - 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Community-Trusted Institute With a High Graduation Rate

Non-traditional learning to focus on each child's needs.

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